martes, 9 de noviembre de 2010

Atravesando fronteras....

La novela El Simbolo de Adolfo Losada García a atravesado fronteras, ya se puede encontrar en EEUU distribuido por Baker&Taylor, en Europa distribuido por Europa-Celesa, y en Hispanoamérica distribuido por Panoplia de Libros S.A.

A discovery reveals the possible connection
between three enigmatic civilizations,
the Olmec, the Maya and the Egyptian.
It all starts when the Earth is struck by
an object falling from the sky. Sixty five
...million years after that event, the protagonist,
Thomas Mc.Grady, will find an
underground room in an ancient Olmec
settlement. Since that moment, he will be
immersed in a lot of adventures and misadventures
that will make him discover,
along with Natalie Duthij, one of the most
mysterious civilizations in the History.
The protagonists travel round places as
different as Honduras, Egypt, the South
Atlantic Ocean and Antarctica. During
that long voyage, they will add strange
and colorful characters that hold the key
of the ending. All of them will get into the
vibrating pace of the novel leading us to
the unexpected find.
The fiction developed in the story contains
a smart but daring proposal about the
origin of a mother civilization, progenitor
of the great and mysterious civilizations

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